shreeram shrestha

Nuwakot Adarsha Multiple Campus located at Bidur Municipality Ward No.4, Battar, Nuwakot was founded in the year 2042 B.S. I’m very happy and proud to say that our Campus is a purely community-based campus run and flourished by the collaborative efforts of its management committee, teachers, students, guardians and the whole community itself. It gives me an ample pleasure to note that the campus, in the course of its approximately a decade and a half-long history, has made a very tremendous success and “a giant leap” to the path of progress and prosperity not only by achieving excellent academic results but also by developing its physical facilities and infrastructures. As one of the founders and the chairperson of the campus, my sentiments are so deeply attached with this campus that no words may suffice to express.

Lastly, I, on behalf of the management committee and also on my own behalf, would like to thank all the teachers, administrative staffs, students, members of the whole community and all the well-wishers, for the rendition of their service, support and invaluable contribution in bringing this campus to its present position; and I sincerely hope and believe that the campus will receive the same kind of support and contribution in the days ahead.

Thanking you all.

Mr. Shreeram Shrestha
Chairperson, Management Committee